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Congregation Kol Yisrael is an Atlanta community that celebrates the mosaic of Orthodox Judaism by embracing both Ashkenazic and Sefardic traditions under one roof. We champion every individual’s unique potential to imitate the divine by promoting Jewish unity without uniformity and diversity without division.


KYA supports a vibrant and diverse Jewish community animated by six core values.

  • Traditional and Relevant Torah
  • Impact Tefillah
  • Focus on the Other
  • Tikkun Ha-Middot — Character Development
  • Family
  • Community

At KYA, these values revolve around the principle of Shivim Panim L’Torah. The rabbis teach us that there are numerous distinct face, expressions, and facets to Torah. It is timeless and a source of boundless insight precisely because it can be lived in so many unique ways. Every individual and family in our community enriches our commitment to these values by sharing their own lived understanding and expression of Jewish tradition.

Mon, May 23 2022 22 Iyyar 5782